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    World Rabies Day

    Sep 24 2020

    September 28th is an important day in human and animal health. September 28th marks the anniversary of Louis Pasteur’s death. Louis Pasteur was the chemist and microbiologist who developed the first…

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    CoVID and Your Pet

    Sep 17 2020

    COVID and Your Pet …

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    We Support the Port Alberni Toy Run

    Sep 17 2020

    The toy run is a local event to raise money and toys to help charities dedicated to serving children in the Alberni Valley. It attracts many people and involves a parade of motorbikes from little…

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    Tofino and Ucluelet Vaccine and Appointment Clinic Dates

    Sep 17 2020

    Vaccine and Appointment Clinic for Cats and Dogs …

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    Curbside Veterinary Care

    Sep 17 2020

    As we adapt to the “new normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic the way we go about our daily activities continues to evolve. Veterinary clinics are no exception. Based on recommendations from the…

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    September 13th is National Pet Memorial Day

    Sep 10 2020

    This Sunday marks Pet Memorial Day, a day to remember and celebrate all the pets we’ve held in our hearts. Pets bring joy, laughter, and unconditional love to our lives. They become members of our…

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    September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

    Aug 28 2020

    Recognizing that our pets may be in pain can be difficult. A pet that experiences acute (or sudden) pain may cry out, but how do you know what’s hurting? And a pet experiencing chronic pain may not…

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    Cancer is Not a Death Sentence

    Aug 27 2020

    Cancer Is Not a Death Sentence …