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    Pretty but Poisonous: Toxic holiday plants to keep away from your pet

    Dec 07 2023

    While the holidays add joy and excitement to the long winter months, they also bring dangers for our pets. There are many indoor and outdoor toxins that your pet can access at this time of year. Here…

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    Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pets

    Nov 30 2023

    Don’t leave your pet out of the gift-giving fun this holiday season! Whatever holiday you celebrate, your pet can celebrate, too. Treats are always fun, but there are so many other options, as well.…

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    Creating a comfortable home for your mobility compromised dog

    Nov 23 2023

    Whether it be arthritis, neurologic disease or a soft tissue strain, many pets will have trouble moving at some point in their life. But because of their inherent stoic natures or evolutionary need to…

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    Why does my pet eat strange and inappropriate things?

    Nov 16 2023

    Why does your dog seem to prefer garbage to her dog food? Why does your cat eat bugs when she has treats right there? …

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    Nov 13 2023

    Drug-resistant salmonella outbreak spreads across Canada, affecting many kids …

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    Can my pet have diabetes?

    Nov 10 2023

    Diabetes in humans is common – you likely know someone who manages the condition. But did you know that pets can also develop diabetes? As the number of overweight and obese pets rises each year, so…

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    Adopt a Senior Pet Month

    Nov 03 2023

    Senior pets end up in shelters for a variety of reasons. They might be the long-time pet of an elderly person who has died or moved into assisted living; they might have been surrendered by a loving…

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    Nov 01 2023

    By Dr. Karen Karsten, B.Comm, BSc, DVM. …