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    Aug 23 2017

    There has been quite a panic generated by a news story regarding the fungal infection, Cryptococcus. Just to let you know the facts: …

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    Distemper Positive Dog in Port Alberni

    Jul 04 2017

    There was a dog who was just diagnosed with distemper in our area. This is a deadly disease and can cause lifelong problems in your dog. If your dog has not been vaccinated in the last year for this…

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    Timing for Booster Vaccinations

    Jun 07 2017

    Vaccine Spacing Response …

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    Sterilized Dogs Live Longer

    Feb 03 2017

    Dogs that were spayed or neutered lived an average of 9.4 years versus the 7.9 years of intact pets based on a study of 40,139 deaths. The lifespan of these pets is lower than that of a normal dog…

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    Salmonella Outbreak in People from RAW PET FOOD

    Apr 26 2016

    HEALTH ALERT - Salmonella Outbreak in B.C. …

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    Early Age Spay And Neuters

    Oct 15 2015

    Phil Bushby, DVM, MS, DACVS Mississippi State University …

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    Update on the Sudden Death of a Kitten

    Sep 18 2015

    The post mortem results are in from the kitten that tragically died for apparently no reason prior to surgery. This kitten was a pure bred from the USA and had a congenital heart defect which resulted…