Mar 16 2023

Vaccines- are they safe?

There has been so much bad press about vaccines in the media that it is time to stand up and talk about the truth of vaccination in our pets- IT SAVES LIVES.

Vaccines have been around for a long time and the current vaccines for cats and dogs have been rigorously tested. Not only that but there is a data base where you have to report adverse reactions in pets and guess what? The chances of your pet developing a serious vaccine reaction is 1 in 10,000,000. You have a better chance of being in a traffic collision on your way to the vets (I in 1000) than your pet having serious vaccine problems and if they do it will be anaphylaxis, a condition where the throat swells shut and the animal can die without intervention which happens a few minutes after injection. This is incredibly rare (see the numbers above) and in 13 years of practice I nor my colleague with 25 years of practice has ever seen this event.

It is truly upsetting when it is your pet that suffers after vaccines by being sore or tired. Sometimes they do not want to eat for a day. But this is trivial considering that the diseases we are vaccinating for KILL pets. And they KILL PETS ALL THE TIME! That is the reason why we vaccinate- to prevent suffering and death. It is also the reason why veterinarians become doctors in the first place.

Vaccines are NOT the enemy, they are the reason why our pets live now into their late teens rather than dying as puppies or kittens. Life expectancy has risen and that is because we have beaten infectious disease. The same is true for humans.

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